Staffing the Office of the Future

The pandemic has resulted in unprecedented change in the skills and aptitudes necessary to be productive and healthy in the new normal work environment.  To assist clients in identifying candidates who have the critical skills and potential to adapt to the office of the future, the we analyzed a sample of 9865 candidates who completed the new WORKINGREMOTELYPOP™ assessment (WRPOP™). 

This report will focus on 3 essential aspects:

  1. Previous Remote Work Experience
  2. Remote Work Environment Set-Up
  3. Critical Skills/Digital Competencies


As evidenced, the pandemic has forced individuals to work remotely which has potentially created a more expansive talent pool for sourcing and selection.  However, 42% of candidates have never worked remotely and 73.4% have less than 1 year experience.


Most of the candidates have established a dedicated work area with a secure, reliable computer and internet connection.  However, these are essential screening criteria for potential hires.  It is noted that over 20% do not have a relatively new computer that is for their exclusive use.


On self-assessed competencies in critical skill areas (which are essential for working remotely), the candidate pool is above average in Windows, MSWord, Outlook, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Video Conferencing. Careful screening or upgrading is recommended for Mac OS, LMS, Collaborative Tools, Remote Connectivity or CRMs.

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