Backed By Statistical Science, SmartWork Assessments Team Building Tools Create A Proven Team Effectiveness Model That Gets Results.

Smart Work | Assessments offers a powerful way to visualize and explore team interaction. With our team effectiveness model, you can compare, combine, and target employees based on their inherent traits to create a stronger workforce.

It starts with team assessment tools. Forecast team dynamics with our basic team comparison reports. Upgrade to our TeamPOPTM technology platform for a powerful on-line tool to understand how to coach or build a team based on their personality traits.

  • Give managers actionable recommendations for coaching and mentoring individual members of a team, as well as the whole team with our team building assessments.
  • Reduce friction and toxicity by helping peers understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Accelerate collaboration on remote-work teams, enabling businesses to achieve their goals faster.
  • Improve retention by using team assessment tools to proactively managing costly, time-wasting “personality conflicts” with managers and coworkers.
  • Increase employee engagement and team effectiveness, by aligning each team member with their “best fit” role.
Team POP Composite Sample

Bottom line: Because Smart Work’s POP™ Team Building Assessments are based on normative science, we can provide your organization with an unmatched ability to visually compare job candidates and current employees, enabling you to optimize your workforce.

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