Connect with Top Talent Before They Hit the Job Market

Many organizations are struggling to find enough “qualified” (someone having actually done the job previously) candidates, especially for roles that are not well-known by high school and college students making their first career decisions. Consider offering the CareerChoiceGPS™, a highly predictive suite of career assessment tools, giving them (and you) a FIT Score aligned to 66 career families and hundreds of jobs.  

Use these predictive and extremely inexpensive career assessment tools to “attract” potential candidates; then using the data from those assessments to connect with those candidates who have a strong Fit Scores to your needs, to consider starting their career with you.

CareerChoiceGPS™ leverages the normative science that powers all Smart Work Assessments. It compares an individual’s inherent traits and key learned behaviors to the empirical performance ratings of successful professionals in dozens of fields.

Learn more about how to attract those candidates you need so desperately, by giving them a Career Assessment, and giving you the “fit data” to know their potential to your critical job roles.

Bottom line: Everybody wins! Students benefit from objective, strengths-based guidance for their career development (not something schools generally provide). Your organization benefits from name recognition, positive reputation in your community, and access to those graduates who are the cream of the crop in matching your needs.

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