Hybrid Work

Offer Employees Flexibility Without Sacrificing Performance

To attract top talent in the new age of “flex work,” many companies are adopting hybrid work models that pose unique challenges to improving organizational performance. How do you know whether working from home will enhance or restrict an employee’s performance?

Smart Work Assessments reliably predict whether someone is equipped to be successful working remotely. Nothing is more important for success in a hybrid work environment than self-management, the ability and willingness to proactively meet needs with minimal external direction. Our assessments measure self-management potential, along with other crucial predictors of remote work success, such as the level of structure and frequency of feedback people require.

To provide even more targeted, actionable recommendations for improving remote work outcomes, Smart Work Assessments offers a POP™ Assessment customized for determining your employees’ fitness for hybrid work. Smart Work’s WorkingRemotelyPOP™ combines measures of the core traits that make up self-management with measures of key environmental factors, such as the employee’s Remote Location Set Up and Digital Competency, to provide a predictive snapshot of every employee’s potential to work effectively away from the office.

WRPOP Predictive Snapshot
Not all people will be successful in a remote work environment; we can identify which ones are most likely to be successful doing remote work, and which ones won’t. We offer you the ability to fully understand the potential for success of the individuals

Bottom line: Our assessments are ready for today’s hybrid work explosion, making it easy to offer employees the flexibility they want without compromising your organization’s performance.

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