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Use Predictive Talent Analytics from a Culture Fit Assessment Test to Hire for Your Company’s Personality

Being a natural “fit” for the job is just one factor contributing to the performance outcomes of employees. Performance potential is also dependent on team dynamics and company culture.

Our assessments help you define high performance for your business. We can conduct a custom validation study or talent audit within your organization or match your company with one of thousands of existing organizational profiles to create performance benchmarks. With our detailed company analytics, you can identify performance shortfalls, develop targeted strategies for maximizing the potential of your current associates, and identify which traits to look for in future employees.

Think of it as a culture fit assessment test

Improved performance starts with your existing employees. Assessing employees within every business area may reveal that high-potential employees are underachieving because of communication breakdowns or personality conflicts on their current team. Or you may find that some associates are a poor fit with their current roles but would be outstanding performers in other positions. These insights can inform decisions about employee placement, ensuring that every associate is in a position and on a team that will enable them to thrive.

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A hire who is a poor cultural fit can cost somewhere between 50-60% of that employee’s annual salary.

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Bottom line: Our predictive analytics help you figure out what makes your organization unique so that you can place every employee in the right position and hire candidates whose inherent traits align with your culture.

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