The POPTM Benefit, Streamlined for High-Volume Recruiting

Determining which applicants to advance in the hiring process can be quite expensive when you rely on traditional time-consuming résumé and job application reviews.

Smart Work | Assessments offers a suite of cost-effective screening tools designed for high-volume recruiting. Where our full-scale assessments select IN candidates by predicting their “fit” to a specific job role, our screening tools screen OUT applicants who are obviously and objectively not a good fit. Smart Work’s screens predict a candidate’s baseline potential for success in a given job—and they require only a few minutes to complete.

State-of-the-art workplace and project simulations can be used as part of the screening process to assess hard skills and competencies so that recruiting managers are sure their “green light applicants” can perform the job’s day-to-day tasks. Together, our POP™ screens and simulations provide a predictive snapshot of what applicants CAN do and what they WILL do.

SCREENING OUT TALENT is like panning for gold; finding the nuggets while sifting out the rocks.

Bottom line: POP™ Screens make it possible to process a high volume of applicants—and identify hidden gems—in a systematic, legally compliant fashion, ensuring that recruiters spend time with only those candidates most likely to succeed.

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