How Our Assessments Work


How POP Assessments Work

Your workforce is a complex ecosystem filled with a diverse range of people with different, inherent traits unique to your organization. As a result, recruiting, hiring, managing, and developing human talent to its full potential is a constant and costly endeavor. 

Rather than handing you a set of tools to categorize employees and applicants (DISC, Meyers-Briggs, etc.), we customize our Predictor of Potential™ (POP™) assessments to align with the needs and goals of your organization. This is the most effective way to achieve rapid, measurable, and sustainable talent transformation.

To maximize the potential of an employee or applicant, there are three variables that will determine their ultimate performance.

  1. Natural Fit (Objective) – the results of the POP™ Assessment

  2. Effort (Subjective) – Attitudes & Behaviors

  3. Culture (Subjective) – Organizational Structure & Reward   

Natural Fit + Effort + Culture = Performance  

Using your internal data and our predictive analytics, we conduct ongoing validation studies for your organization. These studies show, with unparalleled accuracy and utility, how your employees match up with each other and external industry averages.

POP™ assessments measure eight character traits that are found in everyone to a greater or lesser degree. These traits correlate with success in high-demand environments and can be mapped onto specific job roles, teams, and workplace cultures. Check out our pre-employment assessment examples to see for yourself.

Traits are measured on a continuum rather than forcing people to make a “yes” or “no” decision. This nuance allows us to compare people to one another by the degree of fit for a particular role. For example, someone might be inherently independent, a solid team player—or somewhere in between.

Unlike Caliper or other more expensive assessments, POP™ assessments do not require a psychologist to interpret the findings so your hiring managers receive immediate results for selecting, coaching, and developing.

Using the talent intelligence that the POP™ assessment creates, you can;

  • Fill each position with the best-fit candidate.
  • Identify core traits that translate into a real-world environment.
  • Find the hidden gems in the candidate pool overlooked by competitors.
  • Use legally compliant benchmarks for hiring decisions.
  • Accelerate onboarding for new hires by leveraging innate traits.
  • Attract and hire knowledge workers with good “self-management” traits.
  • Accurately forecast performance and improve retention.

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