Transition Assessment

Find the Perfect Job Fit with our Career Transition Assessment

CareerChoiceGPS™ is a career transition assessment that is a powerful aid to employees in transition, whether they are seeking new challenges, or the company is mandating a change.

Leveraging the normative science that powers all Smart Work Assessments, CareerChoiceGPS™ compares an applicant’s inherent traits and key learned behaviors to the empirical performance ratings of successful professionals in dozens of fields, generating a predictive fit score for more than 60 career families.

CareerChoiceGPS™ matching is based solely on individuals’ patterns of personality strengths, which encourages them to consider careers that previously never hit their radar.

Companies faced with layoffs find that CareerChoiceGPS™ is an excellent low-cost outplacement benefit.

Transition Fit Examples

Bottom line: Smart Work’s CareerChoiceGPS™ takes the guesswork out of career pathing, and opens up new horizons for individuals who are exploring career options.

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