"We started in 1979 on the premise that top performers in competitive sales demonstrated a high capacity for self-management, a high need to achieve, and a low need for direction and ongoing support. We quickly found that we could measure these traits and, when we matched to the right sales opportunities and company cultures, we could predict high performers for those clients.

Since then, we’ve expanded our profiles to include other employee functions and levels, and the variety of industries represented by our client base runs the gamut from hospitality to healthcare and from manufacturing to municipalities. Today we have more than 10 million profiles in our database from over 2500 companies.

I've been working with Jane Allen and Smart Work since 2004. She was one of a handful who really grasped our idea of the importance of self-management and its growing importance in the new world economy.

Businesses today, in whatever sector, can no longer afford to employ people who cannot make appropriate decisions for themselves and their companies. The days of "affordable" bureaucracy are quickly coming to an end, and SMART WORK | ASSESSMENTS are well ahead of the curve.

Smart Work has helped companies stop looking for candidates who are proven "perfects" and has started predicting performance."

Dr. John Marshall
Self Management Group
Our Assessment’s Developer