You increase your chances of finding a kangaroo by looking in Australia. The same thing is true when you’re looking for a top-notch engineer or a highly competitive sales person. (No, not looking for them in Australia, but looking for them where they are likely to be looking for you.)

The internet has created a whole new way of sourcing (finding) the people who have the best potential to succeed in your organization. However, it has increased the quantity but not necessarily the quality. Without the technology to sift through the volume of candidates, it can be overwhelming.

SMART WORK | ASSESSMENTS, which are normative and therefore, predictive, can help you determine and measure the traits of your potential high performers, and we’ll help you find the best venues for finding those candidates. We even supply you with Talent NestTM, an automated applicant tracking system to organize your candidate “flow” more efficiently, manageably and predictably.


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