Retail SimulationPro™

A web-based simulation/test for selecting any prospective retail sales & service employees for a large nation-wide department store chain or your local 'mom and pop' boutique.

Retail continues to be a highly competitive industry and those organizations that will survive the current economic 'tsunami' will be those who can differentiate themselves in the service qualities and sales persistence of their staffs.

The Retail Simulation Pro™ is especially designed to assess retail sales candidates, via the web, for their suitability to perform the necessary activities of successful retail professionals. Personality traits measured include procedural compliance such as store policies, integrity, and customer service. Computer skills such as keyboarding accuracy and navigation are measured by the simulation as well as cognitive skills such as basic math, attention to detail, memory and recall.

Retail organizations using this technology, have increased average sales per employee and reduced costs associated with sourcing, recruiting and selecting their sales staffs.


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