HealthcarePro (HCP)

Tired of spending thousands of dollars training the next generation of Florence Nightingales only to find them "jumping ship" at the first port of call?

Our benchmark study in 2011 showed statistically that The HealthcareProTM is 99.5% accurate in identifying the traits and characteristics in nurse candidates who will stay with the profession for more than 3 years. We measured over 400 professional nurses in over 20 US based hospitals and found that this instrument could identify those candidates who were better candidates for tenure in ER, Critical Care, Med. Surg. and even Nurse Management assignments.

By matching the unique demands of the role to a candidate’s dominant personality traits, the assessment can help patient-focused health care organizations to increase employee engagement, reduce premature burnout, and maximize the patient experience.

Use the HealthcareProTM to automate the recruitment process, and to offer guidance as you place people in the healthcare field that fits their personality.

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