The CareerChoiceGPS™ is for anyone considering their best options for a life of natural career success. Whether a student, a veteran, an athlete or an experienced professional considering a new path forward, the CareerChoiceGPS™ provides an adult career explorer, a scientific approach to thinking through their best choices for career success. Based on over 30 years of statistical analysis of almost 20 million assessment profiles and empirical performance data from numerous corporations and enterprises, the developers of the CareerChoiceGPS™ have taken the guess work out of the future and provided laser like focus for successful career planning.

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Unlike other better known career assessments (e.g., Kuder Preference, Strengths Finder, etc. ) the CareerChoiceGPS™ is statistically normative so you immediately receive your best fit career options from over 60 job families statistically analyzed for alignment to the emperical performance ratings of successful incumbents in these jobs in some of the 2500 corporate validation studies we have done over 30 years.

After completing the 30 minute and 160 items assessment, on-line, the user immediately receives a link to print their unique personal profile report, their select list of high fit careers, a comprehensive Interpretation Guide, Activities Workbook: Looking Ahead and, if working with a Career Coach, a Coaches' Guide ("Manager's Report") to assist you based on your assessment results. All of this material is jam packed with detailed and statistically predictive information for understanding yourself and making focused self-directed decisions about your highest  potential career opportunities.

Adults, over 17, of any background, education and experience levels, seeking scientific guidance to their best potential careers can use our unique statistical science to predict with up to 99.5% probability their most promising career paths to professional success.

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