CareerChoiceGPS Coach

A companion tool to the CareerChoiceGPS Student profile. This report provides the professional career coach with incredible insight to the inherent traits and strengths of their young adult client.

Using the data created from the responses when they took their assessment, the career coach can use the same statistically predictive analysis to narrow their client's career choices to only those they have strongest natural alignment. Using data collected over 30 years and over 15 million normative psychometric assessments provides a one of a kind career planning tool that eliminates the guess work by you and your client when mapping out the most efficient and effective career plan for selecting schools of study, focus of studies, targeted internships and other career preparation activities that most often result in several thousands of dollars of effort and investment. 

Your career clients deserve your best career guidance and you can add significant value to their experience while spending just a few dollars providing true value added expertise. 

The additional Interpretation Guide, and instructional Workbooks provide you and your client hours of thought- provoking introspection and realistic action planning.  And, knowing that all of their prioritized choices of career direction are backed by powerful predictive analytics only enhances your abilities to provide mature counsel and reassurance as they consider their journey to highly successful careers.   

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